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Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans! - About Us

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit!  In addition to selling artisan-roasted coffee beans at attractive prices, we also want to be a resource of information related to roasted coffee, coffee-related wares such as brewing formats, coffee makers, grinders, etc...

When coffee is consumed at its peak of freshness, it is truly special.  The varietal characteristics and nuances of flavor shine through.  It is to this end that we have committed ourselves.  Commercial roasters use what are know as "standard profiles" which are applied to almost all the beans they roast, regardless of bean origin and density.  This is problematic when it comes to maximizing the flavor of the coffee bean. For instance, lowland large-sized Brazilian coffees have a different density and moisture content than do high-grown Guatemalan or Ethiopian coffee beans.  Each bean also accepts heat at a different rate. So, while it is possible to achieve acceptable flavor on each, the best flavor in the cup cannot be produced by using the same roasting profile for all beans.

We understand this issue, and adjust our roast profiles accordingly.  Yes, we import and roast all of our coffees to our exacting standards.  Maximum flavor through custom roasting profiles helps us to achieve a very high-quality flavor for each type of coffee beans we offer.  We think you'll notice the difference.  

Our office is located in sometimes sunny and warm, cloudy and cold, rainy, snowy, icy Marysville, OH - - right in the breadbasket of the great United States of America.  When you purchase your coffee from us, you are purchasing "Made In The USA."

Please try a pound or two of our new artisan roasted offerings!  We think you'll be impressed with the difference you taste in your cup.