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Indonesia Sumatra Coffee - Whole Bean 1 lb

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Sumatran coffee comes from the islands of Indonesia...you know...the place in the Western Pacific which is made up of many thousands of islands.  Here many origins of coffees are grown (Java and Sulawesi to name a couple).  The Lintong coffee beans are grown in southern Sumatra and are dried naturally in the sun immediately after harvesting.  They are then de-pulped and after final drying, maintain some of this honey mustiness for which Sumatran coffees are known.  For all of you Sumatran fans out there, this one is particularly flavorful.  Earthy and very full-bodied.  Some describe this coffee as a "thick treat" with light acidity and a chocolatey-carmeley notes.  Give this one a try and even showcase this one during your next entertainment event.  Definitely different, perhaps unlike any coffee you have ever tasted.

Note:  This coffee is considered a "premium" Sumatran coffee which is organic and fair trade.  Please use the 'Contact Us' form regarding your order if you desire a different roast level (Light Roast or Vienna Roast).  We roast your coffee as your order is received.