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Kenya AA Fancy Coffee - Whole Bean 1 lb

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Calling all Kenyan fans!  Not for the faint-of-heart, in terms of price, those of you who have had Kenyan coffees know that they are BIG and BOLD and are intended for the connoisseur's palate.  This particular origin is grown at high altitudes on the northern slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro.  When we were offered this coffee, we jumped at the opportunity.  This is an intricate and nuanced coffee showing forth berry and citrus notes, along with a spicy and winey flavor in the cup.  This coffee possesses an even balance and a very silky and buttery mouthfeel.  Suitable for every preparation, such as drip-brew, pour-over, and even espresso, you may pick up different notes every time you drink it.  After cooling a bit, it is very vibrant and bold in the cup.  While not one of our lesser-priced coffees, from time to time it is important to "treat yourself" to an amazing coffee experience.

Note:  Please use the 'Contact Us' form regarding your order if you desire a different roast level (Light Roast or Vienna Roast).  We roast your coffee as your order is received.