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Brazil Number 18 Coffee - Whole Bean 1 lb

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Brazil coffees are immensely popular and very affordable, due largely to very high production rates of this country.  This particular origin is considered an "aromatic gem," grown as a middle-altitude bean (2,000 ft+).  This coffee shows a subdued acidity with a creamy note when roasted medium. You may even detect notes of chocolate with an earthy undertone as the cup cools.  This coffee possesses an even balance and silky-smooth mouthfeel.  This is one of the coffees we list as a "daily drinker" and is suitable for every preparation, such as drip-brew, pour-over, and even espresso.  It is very approachable in the cup.  We received a special allotment of this one at very attractive pricing.  Definitely, keep this one in your cupboard at all times!

Note:  Please use the 'Contact Us' form regarding your order if you desire a different roast level (Light Roast or Vienna Roast).  We roast your coffee as your order is received.